About NEPups

Hey there Pups/Dog, Trainer/Handlers, and all of you that have just stumbled across this site.

We're NEPups, and it has two meanings. First is we're New England Pups and second we welcome ANY pups. Boypups, Girlpups, the big & furry, and the little hairless pups this is a place I hope we can share our inner dog.

This group basically started after I discovered my inner pup and then found there weren't many other pups in my area. And as I've met people they've started to find their inner pup and are having fun letting their pup out.

Every pup is an individual, just go to a pet store and have a look. Even pups from the same litter are different. Rubber pups, Leather pups, Gear pups, Work pups, the list goes on. As this site grows I'm hoping to meeting and get to know more of the local, and not so local pups.
Put on your collar and let all get our pup on!

Love, Peace, and Puppy Treats,